The SAIJ Group is a uniquely qualified pool of talent comprised of individuals with both the technical training and on-the-job experience for fully integrated evaluation and development of electric generating assets and opportunities. The SAIJ Group specializes in helping energy users, energy suppliers, electric utilities, financial institutions, and energy asset developers, investors and owners to plan and achieve their energy-related objectives. SAIJ provides a comprehensive range of energy consulting services, including project development, project assessment, asset valuation, financial modeling, power sales negotiation, financing assistance, and operational modeling.

The construction or acquisition of an electric generating project is a complex undertaking. It involves feasibility studies, site identification and acquisition, permitting, emissions assessments, water supply and wastewater discharge, transmission interconnections, fuel supplies, power sales contracts, equipment selection and acquisition, financing, construction and operation. The SAIJ Group principals have diverse and complimentary expertise and experience to cover the issues that clients will face in all aspects of this endeavor. They are able to bring a broad variety of business and engineering talent to any project. This allows an integrated view of a project, the ability to discover hidden opportunities or potential pitfalls that might otherwise be missed. Their background in working for utilities and serving clients as consultants covers all sizes of power generating facilities, multiple fuel types, many financing and ownership scenarios, national and international situations, and a variety of regulatory and power sales scenarios.

The SAIJ principals have developed generation projects from site selection through commercial operation. They have managed permitting from small projects with few controversial issues to large multi-unit projects requiring approval by state site evaluation agencies with gubernatorial approval. Their project types have included hydroelectric, coal, natural gas, biomass, wind and solar-photovoltaic. They have had key roles in the evaluation, development and acquisition of power plants throughout the United States as well as in the rest of North America, Western and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Japan, Pakistan, Brazil and Ghana, Africa.


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